Jenn O'Connor

Prevent Child Abuse New York - Director of Policy and Advocacy
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Jenn O’Connor is the Director of Policy and Advocacy for Prevent Child Abuse New York, where she focuses on impacting the root causes of abuse through policy change, thereby strengthening families and the systems that serve them. She also co-chairs Winning Beginning NY and sits on several nonprofit boards. Over the last two decades, Jenn has acquired expertise in maternal and child health, mental health, and early learning. From championing the expansion of health insurance coverage at the National Conference of Insurance Legislators; to creating the mental health program at the National Governors Association; to advocating for a comprehensive home visiting system at the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy; to leveraging the voices of law enforcement, business, and retired military leaders as NYS Director of Council for a Strong America; she has demonstrated her effectiveness in affecting policy change. Jenn has served as staff for both the Senate Majority (Republican) and the Assembly Majority (Democrat). She has a degree in Creative Writing Arts and a minor in Sociology, as well as a certificate in non-profit management and leadership from Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. Last but certainly not least Jenn is the former (but still active!) foster parent of a teenage girl and pet parent to Zelda.