Business Advisory Group

Research studies have shown that employees who have young children and who have access to high-quality early childhood education are far more productive. Consequently, business and industry has a stake in ensuring the availability of high-quality child care and other early childhood education programs. Legislation formerly establishing the Early Childhood Advisory Council was signed into law in 2016.  Included in the codification of the ECAC was the requirement that the ECAC:

  • develop and implement strategies to engage business and civic leaders and organizations in early learning planning and advocacy at the state and local level; and
  • increase business, civic and public awareness of the importance of early childhood education, including, but not limited to, the distribution of literature through mail or online, organizing of meetings and events to promote the cost benefit of investments in learning and the hosting of an annual economic summit on early childhood investment.

The ECAC is currently adding representatives of business and industry to its membership.  Once business and industry members are officially appointed, a Business Advisory Group will be established to support the ECAC in meeting these requirements.

Business Advisory Group Membership List:  Co-Chairs: Sherry Cleary and Patricia Purcell, ECAC Co-Chairs