Data Development Work Group

Valuable data about early childhood services is currently being collected in New York State, but it is not shared across agencies. When combined, it grows to a far more powerful analytical tool that can help drive policy, planning and funding decisions for local, state, and other agencies.  The Data Development Work Group is examining what systems and information is needed to create the first cross-program early childhood education longitudinal data system, to provide a fuller picture of early learning in New York.

Work Group Activities:

    • Program and policy questions: Compiling a list of Program and Policy Questions that should be answered by a cross-program early learning longitudinal data system and scored them according to:
      • ›quality/quantity of current data
      • ›level of difficulty to answer each question
      • ›approximate time needed to make the date available
    • Crosswalk: Developing a list of necessary data elements into a crosswalk that shows the data currently available in each early childhood education data system.
    • Data Elements Analysis Report: Creating the Data Elements Analysis Report providing deeper analysis of the type and quality of data elements located in New York State and New York City early learning data systems.
    • Additional Data: Drafting Additional Data Elements Needed to provide recommendations on data needed for a more global view of early childhood education in New York State.
    • Stages: Revising the Early Learning Data System Proposal so that it could be developed in stages.

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Data Development Work Group Membership List:  Co-Chairs: Bob Frawley, Deputy Director, Council on Children and Families; Carol Saginaw, Child Advocate.

Data Development Work Group Work Plan