Financing Strategies – Tax Credit


Tax Credits for Early Childhood Education 

Tax Credits for ECE: An Alternative Financing Strategy for a New Economy Webinar -- This webinar explores an ECE financing strategy that uses tax credits as a method to raise the quality of services and to make high-quality ECE more available to low-income and working-poor families. Factors that make tax credits effective will be identified in this webinar. Credits in four states -- Louisiana, Colorado, Oregon and Pennsylvania -- will be described.


 Balancing Early Childhood Program Budgets

The Iron Triangle: A Simple Formula for ECE Finance Webinar – This webinar will explore how to balance two sides of early childhood program budgets – income and expenses. This is essential, and particularly challenging in the current economy.  While programs typically focus on rates – tuition charged to parents or revenues from government – financial sustainability is profoundly influenced by three factors: enrollment, fee collection, and the degree to which revenues cover costs.  These three factors form the “Iron Triangle” of ECE finance. This webinar will review the principles of the Iron Triangle, and discuss program and policy strategies to achieve each “leg” of the Triangle. 

Another helpful resource that addresses both issues, in the context of raising teacher wages:  Early Care and Education Compensation and Policy Options for Louisiana