Strong Families Work Team

To support the priority of Strong Families, this work group is designing a framework that pulls together relevant health, education and human services.  A more coordinated and responsive service delivery system will improve outcomes, efficiency and the ability to reach more at-risk families.

Work Group Activities:

    • New York Parenting Education Program (NYSPEP): Providing guidance to the NYSPEP Project, a statewide network of parenting education professionals.
    • QUALITYStarsNY: Embedding family engagement standards in QUALITYStarsNY the state's quality rating and improvement system.
    • Levers for Change: Promoting the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s “Three Levers for Change,” to build sustain­able infrastructure for family engagement: 1. Policy and Systems; Click here to view a white paper developed by the work group 2. Parent Partnerships; 3. Professional Development. Click here for the Lever of Change definitions. This includes identifying the principles and practices that acknowledge the importance of family engagement in accomplishing New York State agency goals; and, especially for the child and family serving agencies, promoting the concept of family engagement in publications, conferences, trainings and other outreach.
    • Strategies for Family Engagement: To support staff at all levels to develop and enhance skills that will help maximize family engagement and partnership across a range of provider organizations and settings targeting young children. New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) Spring Meeting & Training Institute on Family Engagement 
    • Family Engagement Webinar and Tool Kit: September 25, 2013 Click here

Publications and Resources


Strong Families Work Group: Co-Chairs: Evelyn Blanck, Associate Executive Director, New York Center for Child Development; Jim McGuirk, Executive Director, Astor Services for Children and Families

Strong Families Work Plan